Event - 2020 Uppsala

Scandinavian shuffle 2019: a balboa weekend in Helsinki, Finland. Program, taster classes, bands and DJs.




C’est swing
C’est swing is a quartet from Gothenburg that plays acoustic jazz music in true Django Reinhardts spirit and tradition. 

With beautiful melodies, a sincere joy for music and a will to meet the audience C’est Swing will give you a meaningful music experience.
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C'est Swing spelar musik för matgäster på Sokrates Taverna 28 okt. git; Peter Sundin, Calle Karlsson bas: Hasse Westling


The Swingharmonic Orchestra
The Swingharmonic Orchestra is one of the top swing big bands of Sweden. If not the greatest. A fifteen man band with the aim of getting your feet to move! With a repertoire containing some of the very best from the swing era, and with a line up containing some of Swedens foremost up coming musicians of today, the Swingharmonic Orchestra will bring lot’s of joy to the dance floor! 

The bands repertoire features many of the great legends of the 30’s and 40’s, such as Fletcher Henderson, Edgar Sampson, Duke Ellington, Chick Webb, Benny Goodman, Benny Carter and Artie Shaw. To mention a few. 

The Swingharmonic Orchestra offers a rare opportunity to experience some of those great swing big band arrangements live, as it really should be. Its really the sound of the golden era brought back to life, in one great, intense live experience.
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Photo The Swingharmonic Orchestra

Photo The Swingharmonic Orchestra


Come and dance to one of Stockholms most famous speak easies club bands and get a true underground jazz club feeling with this band and its ruff edges and true swing rhythm sound. 
However controversial they might appear to be, it’s completely uncontroversial that they will deliver on the highest level.

Photo Katharina Hillman

Photo Katharina Hillman




Dj Papa vic


Victor Kurronen, Papa Vic, is not only a passionate dancer and teacher but also one of the driving forces behind the balboa scene in Stockholm and a true joy spreader both on and off the dance floor. He knows how to make the dance floor move and keep you dancing all night long.

DJ Patrick austen


Our teacher for the weekend Patrick Austen. Of course, first introduced to the swing society through dancing, his interest in Jazz- the iconic characters in history as well as instrumentalisations, musical form and tonality has grown. This year, hung up on a (maybe slightly unhealthy) appreciation for Charlie Parker and Hot Lips Page- and how to fit them onto the dance floor.


DJ shimmy sjölander


Shimmy Sjölander aka Henry is a passionate DJ and he’s been DJing for more than 5 years at different event such as his own event at Chicago dance studio and the summer event Sommarswing! at Sprallen. 
1. GOOD songs
2. A large variety of songs
3. Mixes well-known songs with more unfamiliar songs still with swing and balboa rhythms.



Patrick Austen

Coming out of the Lindy Hop community in mid 00’s, Patrick’s travels through Swing world brought him finally to Balboa island in 2010. Today Patrick lives in Stockholm and teaches mostly Balboa, both locally and abroad, fully enjoying the rise of interest in slow dancing out on the dance floors. Making friends through dancing, as well as teaching and organizing the odd event has lately also been mashed up with quite a lot of DJ-assignments.

Patrick Austen

Patrick Austen