Scandinavian Shuffle 2019 - a balboa weekend in Helsinki, Finland: the venue, what to know about Helsinki and how to get here.


The venue

The venue for the whole weekend will be G18 – a beautiful ballroom in the very heart of Helsinki with a floor perfect for balboa. The building's history goes back to the 19th century when it served as a girls' school. 

Yrjönkatu 18, Helsinki


The City

Helsinki has a lot to offer all year round, not just during the summer months.

Since we Finns are known for our love for coffee (we drink more coffee than any other nation in the world) there’s no shortage of cozy cafés in Helsinki. Read more.

The restaurant scene is also buzzing with tens of new restaurants opening every year. Read more.

For those interested in culture and architecture this autumn brings excitement as the new art museum Amos Rex opens its doors in August and the new central library later in 2018. Read more.

Something that defines the Finnish way of living is of course sauna. In recent years we’ve seen the revival of the public sauna culture and in central Helsinki there are many different types of saunas to choose from. Read more.


How to get here

Arriving from abroad? Helsinki has excellent flight connections from most of the world. From Helsinki-Vantaa airport the easiest and cheapest way to travel to the city center is to take the I- or P-train.

From St Petersburg or Moscow you can also arrive by train and from Tallinn and Stockholm by ferry:

Boats from Stockholm:

Boats from Tallinn:

Trains from St. Petersburg and Moscow: