Scandinavian Shuffle 2019 – a balboa weekend in Helsinki, Finland. Registration, prices and practical information.



How about polishing up your Balboa? Our superlatively skillful teachers are here for you. Contact the teachers directly by email to settle the schedule and payment details. Check out the teachers here and the program details here.

Sanna Leinonen and Adam LaMontagne
sanni.leininen(at) and aklamo(at)

Alexander Tabakov and Marina Alekseeva


Registration update: Registration is closed, the event is sold out.

In the registration form we will ask you about hosting and volunteering. It is good to take a moment and think about these things in beforehand for a smooth registration experience.  

home accommodation & HOSTING

Interested in home accommodation? Inform us when registering and we will contact you later for further details. We will do our best to find a nice host for you.

Or are you interested in hosting a guest / guests? Please let us know when registering for the event. We will contact you later to ask more and then connect you with a guest who needs hosting.


Please tell us if you would like to join in for some voluntary tasks during the event. We will contact you later for details: available tasks, schedule etc. Instead of a reduced price for the event, you'll get a warm, happy and appreciated feeling for having a special role in this event.

Registration process

  1. Register for the event. Our system does not send an automatic email response but we’ll send you an email confirming your registration soon.

  2. You will get another email with payment instructions as soon as we can ensure a balance between leaders and followers. Until then you are on the waiting list. Possible waiting list can be avoided by registering with a partner. Note that you both need to register separately.

  3. Pay 100 € for your event pass.

  4. You will receive an email confirming your payment.



Event pass 100 €

The Event pass includes parties, taster classes, one daytime activity and the Sunday brunch.