Scandinavian Shuffle 2019 - a balboa weekend in Helsinki, Finland.


Scandinavian shuffle 2019

january 25–27, 2019

Scandinavian Shuffle is an annual balboa exchange, a weekend full of dancing balboa and exploring exciting Scandinavian cities with other international balboa enthusiasts. In 2019, Scandinavian Shuffle takes place in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. This will be the 11th consecutive Scandinavian Shuffle.

We aim for

  • a weekend of intense social balboa dancing
  • a friendly environment where you have the time and opportunity to get to know one another
  • an alternative way to improve your balboa through social dancing and personal feedback through privates

The registration will open at the end of August 2018. 

Your Shuffle 2019 team:
Karita, Maija, Milla, Tiina and Tiina


Oslo 2018
Stockholm 2017
Copenhagen 2016
Turku 2015
Malmö 2014
Mariehamn 2013
Oslo 2012
Göteborg 2011
Helsinki 2010
Copenhagen 2009